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Auto Glass Replacement/installation
Auto Glass Replacement/installation


     We install just about any kind of auto glass in any kind of vehicle. Whether it's your windshield, side glass or back glass on your passenger automobile we can take care of it for you. We also install glass in heavy equipment and farm implements as well as large semi trucks.


     Customer safety is our number one priority. Did you know that the glass and the bond between the glass and your vehicle are actually a very significant part of your vehicles structural integrity, as much as 40%-65% in a head on or rollover type collision? Did you know that when your passenger side front airbag deploys the first thing it strikes before being deflected toward the passenger is the windshield and that the airbag will fail if the windshield is not bonded to the car correctly? We do not cut corners at Carpenter's Auto Glass. We use the best adhesives and glass in the industry. We use modern technology and equipment. We do not overbook ourselves like the big companies do and put ourselves in a position to have to cut corners to meet scheduling demands.


     We offer mobile service to your location saving you time and money. 


     We only install new parts from the best manufacturers in the industry. We do not sell used glass. We do not seek out inferior parts to save a few dollars. We use the best factory approved adhesives to insure a bond of adequate strength to the body of your vehicle.


     You can't train or teach pride in ones work. You either care  about what you do or you don't. At Carpenter's Auto Glass, our name is on the line with each and every installation. We are never forgetful of that fact. Our owner who is on the job for each and every installation we perform has been in the business so long that he trained the guys, who trained the guys who are now installing glass for the big companies. Why would you want anyone else working on your car?