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Rock Chip Repair
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Rock Chip Repair

     Rock Chip Repair refers to the process of repairing damage to a windshield that hasn't spread into a full grown crack yet. We get many questions about repairs so we compiled the following FAQ for people interested in repairs. 

Does it really work?

     Yes it does work and it will keep your windshield from cracking. It is not just a scam if done correctly by a trained professional using a quality windshield repair system. Unfortunately many less than ethical, professional and well trained companies exist in this segment of our business who perform inferior work in parking lots, at car washes or quick lube facilities.

Will the damage to my windshield completely disappear?

     How cosmetically appealing the repair turns out is sometimes hard to qualify and certainly can't be guaranteed. The same results that will "wow" one customer who is so impressed with the results will leave another customer unimpressed. In general, large round chips (called bulls eyes or half moons) generally turn out the best, often seeming to disappear almost completely. More complicated breaks involving many small fractures are called stars or combination breaks. They tend to be more obvious even after a successful repair since there are simply more tiney fractures in the glass. They are also the most likely to spread easily if not repaired promptly. Small single line breaks are also very likely to spread. Don't believe everything you see in those commercials on television. There is no "super resin" or "super machine" that will work some kind of magic on your windshield. In it's simplest terms, we are simply filling the break in your glass in with a resin, not making the damaged glass go away.

How large a break can be repaired?

     As far as the size of break that can be repaired, we like the guideline that it needs to fit underneath a quarter, a half dollar at most. People make some claims well beyond that. We do not repair damage larger than what we are not 100% confident is suitable for repair based on 25 years doing this kind of work. Your insurance company may claim that damage that can fit under a dollar bill is a candidate for repair. 

Can you fix the unsatisfactory repair I had done previously?

     No, I'm afraid you only get one shot at getting it right.

Can't I just get one of those chip repair kits at the auto parts store and do this myself?

     Results are very poor. The results are inferior compared to the work done by a professional both cosmetically and structurally. Our best advice is that you are wasting your money and once your have attempted the repair, we cannot come along and fix it for you. 

     In the end, here is the advice that usually makes the most sense to our customers:

     If you find the chip in your windshield terribly distracting, you may continue to even after it is repaired. If however you barely notice it and are primarily concerned with preventing your windshield from cracking then a chip repair is a perfectly acceptable, cost saving alternative to a new windshield installation.

     If you still have questions about chip repair, feel free to navigate to our 
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